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    I add some more food for thought:

    1) What if the rust belt does not appreciate? Looking at price aOlernKienOP
    Where Can i Buy Womens Oreo 5s trends, some of aOlernKienOP
    Store Online Motorboat Jones 9s the rust belt areas with the aOlernKienOP
    Buy Real Cheap Joker 3s $60,000 houses never had a peak in 2007, just a flat line for the past 10 or twelve years. That suggests that 10% would be a more realistic estimate of appreciation in those areas.

    It may seem that I trying to argue for the newer sun belt places, but I really trying to understand if I could be missing something, as it seems that there are numerous buyers for those older places.

    I think your major repairs are too light for the older houses. More like 12 14K per aOlernKienOP
    70% Off Free Shipping Fear 3s house for new roof, HVAC and plumbing. I not sure if you mean a major plumbing repair of some sort or replace entire plumbing.

    100% appreciation on the sunbelt property might be possible, but not likely IMO. More like 20 years. Of course who really knows? You have to be more specific than aOlernKienOP
    Where Can i Find Taxi 12s "sunblet" to estimate taxes. For instance, a 120K house in north Texas can easily have annual taxes of 3,000 per year, putting your Tax/Management/Insurace/HOA estimates WAY too aOlernKienOP
    Buy Womens Sport Blue 14s low. More like 400/month for just tax and insurance.

    You also aren including vacancies and make readies and minor repairs in either scenario.

    I aOlernKienOP
    The Best Site To Buy Oreo 4s think a lot of it depends on which sun belt and rust belt states you are talking about. For example, I doubt California will have 100% appreciation. aOlernKienOP
    Where Can Buy Cheap Fear 4s The state is run by aOlernKienOP
    100% Authentic Toro Bravo 4s liberals and about bankrupt. People are leaving by the truckload. My cousin sold his house in 2006 for top dollar and bought a huge house in Nevada for way less. He didn want to pay California taxes anymore.

    As far as the rust belt, there might be more than 40% appreciation in ten years. In Michigan, our market started going down around 2003 when most of the country was still going up. We bottomed out in 2009 and prices have been going way up this year. In 2009, I was buying houses for 10% of what they had sold for six years earlier. If they come back to 50% of where they were in 2003, that still a 500% return.

    Who knows how long it will take to get back there, but rents are strong and never aOlernKienOP
    Save You Up To 49% Carmine 6s came down.

    I agree with Rob K that properties in working class areas in midwest and southern cities were absolutely crushed due to the subprime loan market collapse, as well as high blue collar employment (blue collar unemployment is 2.5x white collar unemployment), and aOlernKienOP
    New Style Cheap Playoffs 13s have been selling for 20 30% of 2006 prices. aOlernKienOP
    Great Deals On Black Cement 4s Maybe it hopeful thinking on my part, but I expect aOlernKienOP
    Where Can i Order Olive 9s a reversion to the mean that will generate very strong appreciation in these areas. In fact, this expected "snap back" appreciation was cited in a research paper by Morgan Stanley (I think it was them) that a BP member posted on here a aOlernKienOP
    Online Womens Playoffs 12s while back, as support for why these areas may have the highest appreciations rates in the country in coming years.

    Also, on our rehabs we replacing mechanicals and roofs in cases where they well past their prime, so that argument is moot. The "new" 6 to 10 year old house you referring to may well aOlernKienOP
    For Sale Womens Steel Grey 10s have older mechanicals than our newly rehabbed houses.

    So I skeptical on your aOlernKienOP
    Real Mens Shoes Grey Toe 13s thesis, though thanks for throwing it out there, it great to dialogue and discuss.

    Edited Jun 30 2012, 19:45 by David BeardInteresting question. This is what makes RE investing so interesting. Personally, we ended up with mostly newer townhomes. The monthly association fees are a downer, but we don have to worry about new roofs, siding, or exterior maintenance. I owned a few older homes and they never fail to convince me to never do so again ;) .

    Regarding the question of appreciation: I really believe aOlernKienOP
    Online Mens Shoes Barons 13s appreciation has to be heavily discounted. It very difficult to predict what changes will occur in the state, region or even on neighboring properties that will impact appreciation. Your estimate of appreciation should be heavily discounted. The income from rent should really be by aOlernKienOP
    Store Online Authentic Cavs 4s far the greatest aOlernKienOP
    Buy Cheap Online Spizike Easter concern for a long term investor.

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